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Custom Glass

We can customize to any shape and color

Why Choose Lakeview Glass?

From a small bathroom in the suburbs to a place of business on Michigan Avenue, Lakeview Glass is able to provide the custom glass you need. Not many glass companies are able to offer their customers a great price, exceptional lead times, on-site repairs, free estimates, years of experience, and more. Lakeview Glass is the company to go to when you are in need of custom glass in Chicago. Schedule a free estimate with us today!

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Apart from our seemingly endless custom glass options, Lakeview Glass offers many benefits. We have over thirty years of experience in the Chicagoland area, and are able to provide exceptional lead time within Chicago-a must for any remodel! We have a lowest price guarantee, along with warranties for the hardware and labor. Our experts do the entire job-measuring, designing, and installing-so you do not have to approve any additional contractors or worry about another company.

When you are in need of custom glass in Chicago, look no further than Lakeview Glass! Many homes require custom-cut glass, and homeowners often want etched or patterned glass. From shower doors to shelving, custom glass is used for many types of remodels. As a bonus, Lakeview Glass offers great pricing, which can be difficult to come by in regards to anything customized for your home.

Our Offerings

Lakeview Glass works diligently to ensure that the custom glass we sell is exactly what you want, and that you have nearly unlimited options when choosing the perfect addition to your home. In addition to custom cut glass, we can provide colored, etched, patterned, decorative glass, and more. Never worry about fitting glass shelving, a wall divider, etc., into your home remodel because Lakeview Glass can work with the room instead of the other way around.

People use custom glass in their home for a myriad of reasons. We’ve done projects for homeowners that include wall dividers, glass staircases, tabletops, shower doors, and much more. This modern option can increase your home value and create a great look at feel to your home.

Even if you are not a homeowner, but need custom glass, Lakeview Glass is the place to go! We have experience serving contractors, businesses, architects, and designers. If you are a contractor or business looking for a quality glass company, that can also provide a great deal, choose Lakeview Glass!