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Plain concrete or cement walls are no longer the only way to separate one area of your home from the other. Many people are commissioning custom glass services as an attractive and sleek alternative. You have full control over the size of your space, as well as how much glass you want to cover the area. We offer options for the full enclosure, as well as partial coverage.


Glass Stair Railing IL
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Glass has also become an innovative part of staircase design. Our services for this type of renovation are similar to what we offer for enclosed spaces. We offer full-length, wall styled railings, as well as half-wall railings with or without custom handrails.

At Lakeview Glass, we always strive to offer only the best services possible. That’s why we’re the leading custom glass company in Chicago. As a current or prospective client, you can reach out to us, not just for custom glass commissions, but also for glass repair and similar maintenance services. If you’re looking to incorporate glass into your Chicago home or company, get in touch with us!

Glass Table Tops IL

Glass can be creatively implemented into your home design in a vast array of ways. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or are more interested in a showier aesthetic for your home, you can easily find a glass design to suit your needs. As a premier Chicago glass company, we strive to provide our clients with a large variety of options for customizing the look and feel of their home.

Our glass table tops are custom made, which means that all pieces can be made to your specifications. Glass table tops are modern and are commonly used as replacements or wood or met al tables. If you do have wood or other furniture glass tops we can help you protect them from damages such as nicks and scratches. Lakeview Glass is here to help you find the glass to perfectly fit to your style and budget. 

  • Customizing the glass thickness with options of: 3/8"-inch, 1/2"-inch, 3/4"-inch up to 1"-inch.
  • Customizing the Types of Glass: Annealed (Non-Safety), Tempered (Safety), Laminated (Safety), Polycarbonate. 
  • Customizing the glass color: The possibilities are endless.
  • Customizing the glass shape: Circle, Oval, Rectangle and Square. We can create a template if it is a truly unique shape. 
  • Add shine to a dull item in your household such as an old coffee table or dresser 
  • Give us call with your dimensions Width x Height and we'll give you your free estimate. 

Learn more about some of our more popular designs.

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Glass Enclosed Spaces Chicago
Custom Glass Table Tops Lakeview
Glass Enclosed Spaces Lakeview