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Call on us today for all of your glass related hardware needs. We work quickly so you can go back to enjoying your shower doors, sliding windows, and insulated storefronts. No job is too small or too big. We offer customers everything from entire door installations to simple handle and knob replacements. Don't miss out; call us today at (773)-871-7170 to receive your free estimate!

Quality glass, though we might not think about it on a daily basis, does not only improve the overall look of a space, but pulls everything together, so to speak. You wouldn't be enticed to dine at a restaurant where the windows were dingy, or shop at a store whose display was made dull due to foggy glass. Such flaws make things less appealing, leaving potential patrons reluctant to favor these businesses. We also value the appearance of our shower doors and bedroom mirrors, but rarely do we think about the quality of their glass and hardware.

To perfect the appearance of a business or home, sometimes glass replacement or repair is necessary. Often, when a window needs repairing or a shower door needs replacing, things like handles, towel bars, door jams, and enclosures also need a fix. Occasionally, the only thing that actually needs to be replaced is one or more of these hardware items, and when that is the case, Lakeview Glass is here to help.

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When you need professional glass maintenance or want high-quality glass products, Lakeview Glass is at your disposal. With more than thirty-five years of experience under our belts, we know how to get a job done quickly and efficiently. Our reliable team can provide general glass installation, restoration, and repair, from mirrors to windows, as well as hardware replacement.

Lakeview Glass specializes in making glass shine like new again and replacing the things that need replacing. This includes the little items that you may not think about, but which are actually very important. Rusty handles are unappealing, leaky shower doors can cause water damage and mold, while rollers and ball bearings which assist in sliding doors or windows can also age and leave things not so squeaky clean-just squeaky.

Our highly skilled professionals provide expert replacement and repair services for all of your glass item hardware. If you think there is something wrong with your door rails or your storefront window seal is letting the weather in, we are here for you. Lakeview Glass offers free estimates and our employees can easily walk you through the installation or repair process.

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