We offer service call for repairs of shower enclosures at a very low cost. The cost will not differ if the shower enclosure was not originally installed by Lakeview Glass. If the enclosure can not be repaired, there will be no fee and the technician can measure for a replacement.   

Recommended Cleaning Instructions For Frameless Shower Door Glass And Hardware

Hardware Maintenance

This beautiful and functional shower enclosure should provide

Glass Shower Hardware Maintenance Chicago

Shower Enclosure Maintenance

Glass Shower Enclosure Maintenance Chicago

The hardware, if given proper care, will remain as beautiful as it is now. You have made an investment in your home by including an enclosure of the highest quality materials.  

Neglecting or ignoring your shower enclosure may give the glass accumulated water spots that turn into mineral deposits over time. Here's how to prevent it.

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The best way to maintain the beautiful finish is to wipe down after every use. Use a dry towel to thoroughly wipe dry the hardware. 

Shower Enclosure Repairs

This beautiful and functional shower enclosure should provide years of enjoyment, as well as increase the value of your home. With proper care and maintenance, your new enclosure will prove to be virtually worry-free. The high quality hardware that you have chosen will require a minimal amount of attention. 

The best way to keep the glass free of potentially damaging water spots is to squeegee the glass after every use.