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Our team has the ability to replace any damaged glass, hardware, or vinyl in your existing shower enclosure. Should you need removal and re-installation of semi-frameless shower doors or a framed shower enclosure, our staff will provide professional and timely results. Residents of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs should feel welcome to call Lakeview Glass for any and all frameless shower door or enclosure repairs. Our years of experience guarantee we can fix other's work at a very low cost.

Custom Shower Doors Lakeview

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Top of the line hardware that compliments the glass and makes a statement to any shower door. Link: Hardware


Finishes:                                   Hardware:                     Vynils                     Installation                    

Chrome                                     Pivot Hinge                   Only                      Fastest Lead Time

Brushed Nickel                          Custom Hinge                Where                   in the Chicagoland Area

Gold                                           D Pull                          Required!

Oil Rubbed Bronze                     Channel                                                       Warrranty



It has been our experience of 35 years that the glass most commonly used for shower enclosures are; 

Type: Tempered Glass

  • All glass must be tempered (safety) glass. Lakeview Glass Inc does not add a logo due to aesthetic purposes.
  • Clear
  • Sandblasted/Frosted
  • Etched
  • Starphire
  • Pattern Glass
Glass Thickness Chicago

custom Semi-frameless shower enclosures


Semi-Frameless Shower Doors Chicago
Custom Shower Doors Lakeview


Custom Shower Doors Lakeview
Custom Shower Doors Chicago

glass options

Custom Shower Doors Lakeview
Custom Shower Doors Lakeview

custom framed shower enclosures of chicago                                                                                                   Tub & Walk-in

LAKEVIEW GLASS INC     PHONE: 773-871-7170     FAX: 773-871-0063     SHOWROOM: 1143 W BELMONT AVE CHICAGO, IL 60657     BUSINESS & HOME REPAIR LICENSE: 2217855

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors Lakeview

Browse our options of glass shower doors to see which of them best suits your needs. Contact Us to schedule a consultation about your semi-frameless glass shower door and get a free price estimate. No project is too big or too small for Lakeview Glass. Our semi-frameless shower door options are competitively priced. Our team will match or beat any shower door price you may find.

Custom Shower Doors Lakeview

Our experts have the experience and skill to install brand new semi-frameless or framed glass shower doors. They will measure and custom-create glass panels to build a shower enclosure for your home. Our installation specialists will travel anywhere in Chicagoland to build custom shower enclosures for homeowners, renters, contractors, architects, and designers alike. Designs are one-hundred percent customizable to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, and pieces are installed in your home as soon as possible. No matter the size or shape of your bathroom, we have the most cost effective semi-frameless and framed glass solutions to make it beautiful.

When you receive an estimate from Lakeview Glass Inc, we will in detail provide list of all material used, great pricing and a warranty you will love. It will be with great pleasure that we can provide tips on how to have your beautiful shower enclosure look brand new after 10+ years after installation. We are here to help!

Custom Shower Doors Lakeview
Custom Shower Doors Lakeview
Custom Shower Doors Lakeview

To create a sophisticated heavy glass look at an affordable price, the CrystalLine Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure is designed in a minimalist fashion. The sweep system system uses a nearly invisible vinyl drip to enhance its contemporary appearance and provide a positive water barrier. Give Lakeview Glass Inc the opportunity to provide you with a free consultation. A team of detail-oriented professionals, with a customer-first attitude, will help you make the right decisions and choices. You will select from a multitude of elegant finishes and an extensive selection of decorative tempered glass. People who, like us, appreciate not jut value and affordability, but also elegance and performance.   

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors Chicago


Lakeview Glass Inc. - Custom Glass, Shower Doors & Mirrors Company in Chicago, IL


Hardware Finishes


custom semi-frameless shower enclosures of chicago                                                                                   Tub & Walk-in

Custom Shower Doors Lakeview
Custom Shower Doors Lakeview

Lakeview Glass not only has the ability to install new and repair existing glass shower doors, but they can also adjust or add to current shower enclosures. Custom additions or adjustments are a specialty for the Lakeview Glass team. We will come to your space, measure, and design a flawless custom addition or correction for your existing door/enclosure and have it ready for you and installed in no time.