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Updated: May 1, 2018

All material is guaranteed as specified on the contract or invoice. All sales and services are final, there are no credits, cancellations, exchanges or refunds available at any time and under any circumstances. All work is done and installed by qualified workmen according to good commercial practices. Our workmen are fully covered by Workers Compensation and public general liability insurance. This contract details the final description of the parties’ agreement and no modifications shall be made by either party.    

Warranty: A period of (1) year from date of installation for all shower enclosures installed by Lakeview Glass Inc. The warranty ensures you the client that Lakeview Glass Inc. will provide material necessary to fix, replace faulty hardware or re-adjust the shower enclosure. Warranty of any shower enclosure purchased through Lakeview Glass Inc. must have the warranty wording on a proposal or invoice, as there may be certain cases where warranty is unavailable due to the installation of a third party or the client. Warranty will be voided if the invoice is left with an unpaid balance and contract will be voided. Glass is excluded from this warranty, Lakeview Glass Inc. will not be held responsible for any glass breakage, chipping or explosion. Expansion or settling of new homes may be expected and may cause the need of an adjustment. In such cases Lakeview Glass will attempt to re-adjust the enclosure, polish up to a maximum tolerance of 1/8-inch. If the adjustment fails or polishing of the glass fails, then Lakeview Glass Inc. will not assume responsibility in replacing the glass pieces due to these being acts out of our control. Our warranty is offered only to the original purchaser, that is, the warranty may not be assigned or transferred to someone else, and it terminates upon sale of the home/building in which the product has been installed. We do require proof of ownership so it is very important to always request an invoice if one is not provided to you. Lakeview Glass Inc. is not liable for glass breakage, damage or failure due to misuse or acts of nature. This warranty is limited by the cost of the purchased shower enclosure and Lakeview Glass Inc. or its affiliates will not assume any responsibility beyond the cost of the original product. The warranty does not cover damage caused through faulty design of your residence or business, careless handling, alteration or misuse. Properly installed enclosures are still susceptible to leaking, often times when showerheads or sprays are angled towards door openings or if ledges or thresholds are not constructed with an angled pitch to allow water to run back into the shower area. Some water seepage will occur under certain conditions especially “frameless” shower doors. Buyer acknowledges that due to the composition and types of construction of walls or otherwise, the gaps or space left on the sides, top or bottom are unavoidable. Use of harsh, abnormal or abrasive chemical cleaning products will void the warranty; please follow guidelines provided for the proper maintenance of your product. Discoloration or stains due to improper water chemistry, hard, and non-filtered well-water are not covered under the warranty. Buyer acknowledges that solid brass finishes tarnish over time. Seller assumes no responsibility for repair or replacement of tarnished finishes on brass. Seller assumes no responsibility for damage caused by improper usage by buyer or individuals other than seller of caustic cleaning materials that etch or dull metal and glass finishes.  

Lakeview Glass Inc. Lead Time: Based on the scope of work, a representative will provide a good faith estimate of when the work will be performed. Customers will be notified that materials are ready for installation. Based on our ability to procure material and availability on your schedule and ours, we will provide a date and approximate time. Lakeview Glass Inc. and its affiliates will not be responsible for any costs or inconvenience resulting from delays or same day cancellation in the performance of this contract, regardless of cause. Lakeview Glass Inc. reserves the right to not proceed or terminate the contract due to an unsafe workplace condition.

Buyer acknowledges that certain projects will require drilling into preexisting tile, granite or comparable wall coverings. These surfaces can crack, break or otherwise fail during the installation process due to no fault of the seller. Buyer agrees that seller will not be held responsible for the failure of pre-existing wall coverings due to latent defects in material or workmanship. Lakeview Glass Inc. will not be responsible for repainting, refinishing or other necessary work to complete the replacement or repair the defective work.

The federal government mandates that no defects should be visible in the glass/mirror when it is viewed vertically or horizontally from a distance of 11 feet away under normal lighting conditions. All of our glass meets or exceeds these standard limits set forth. Remaking of glass due to scratches will be based on the discretion of the industries tolerance standards. Industry tolerance allows for variances within the products Lakeview Glass Inc. supplies and installs including:

Seeds, bubbles tempering distortions, hairline scratches within the glass or variances in color, a reflective and decorative surface of the glass.
Color, composition, and finish sealants, metal joinery, vinyl seal details, and hardware finishes or capabilities.
Dimension, straightness, bow, banana shape, warp, section, composition, mechanical properties, normal variations in surface, internal conditions and quality.
Tempered products are always manufactured without labels or logos unless specified in blueprints. Lakeview Glass Inc. reserves will specify in each contract or invoice whether the glass is tempered (safety glass) or annealed. A certificate of tempered glass may be requested and provided to within 5 business days.

Post Installation Instructions: For new or reinstallations. Do not remove temporary tape or bracing or touch silicone until instructed to do so. It takes up to and no less than 24 hours for the materials to set and dry. If the buyer does not follow these instructions there will be a service fee ($100+) to have seller return to readjust or reinstall materials; shower doors, mirrors, glass shelves, etc. Each installer is assigned a certain amount of work per day and return calls are costly.        

Services: In no event shall seller be liable to buyer for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of, or as a result of, the sale, delivery, servicing, use or loss of any use of the products or the project or any part thereof, or for any changes or expenses of any nature incurred without seller’s written consent. In the event a product or service is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error, error in calculating of the price, wrong or false information received from the customer, or pricing information received from our suppliers, Lakeview Glass Inc. shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product or service listed at the incorrect price.  

Any suit or other action by the buyer in connection with this contract must be commenced within one year from the completion date of the project, or in the case of an alleged breach of warranty within one year from the date on which the defect is or should have been discovered by the buyer. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, without regard to conflicts of the principles of the law. Any claim in connection with this contract shall be brought and adjudicated in either the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois or in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. The parties consent to and agree not to contest personal jurisdiction of and venue in such courts, acknowledge that these forums are convenient and waive their rights to demand a jury trial.

Waivers: Lakeview Glass Inc. provides progress, partial waivers or final waivers based on payments made. Buyer acknowledges by providing labor and/or materials to buyer’s property or property being managed by buyer gives seller certain rights to lien buyer’s property. The law requires that the contractor shall submit a sworn statement of persons furnishing labor, services, material, fixtures, apparatus or machinery, forms or form work before any payments are required to be made to the contractor.

Buyer agrees to pay the balance due prior to the beginning of the installation. Buyer will pay Contractor installment payments in accordance with the schedule described on the first page of this Contract. If Buyer fails to make any installment payment in full when due, the entire past due amount shall be subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month until Buyer pays the past due amount, including accrued service charges. Seller shall not be liable for any default or delay in performance of this Contract for any cause whatsoever beyond Seller’s control, including but not limited to; acts of God; fire; flood; the elements; labor controversies; civil commotion; any governmental action or regulation; delay in transportation facilities; shortage or inability to obtain or non-arrival of any labor, material, products or equipment used for the Project; or failure of any party to perform any agreement with Seller relating to the Project. Title to the items sold pursuant to this Contract shall not pass to the buyer until the full price as set forth in this contract is paid to the seller according to the payment terms. If either the buyer or seller incurs attorney’s fees or collection costs due to the other party’s breach of this contract, upon full and final resolution of any litigation between parties, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover its attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses from the non-prevailing party. If payment is not made in cash, certified funds, check or pre-arranged credit card, the installer is instructed to inform the customer that he will have to return at another time. An additional charge for return trip will be made ($100+).

The buyer is acknowledging receipt of Lakeview Glass Inc.’s terms and conditions by a signature of the terms and or by placing an order.

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