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There are many storefront window options available to business owners, and Lakeview Glass can help you achieve any look you desire with professional design and installation options. Whether you are cleaning up your window display, or you want a complete renovation, you can trust Lakeview Glass to get the job done right. Call us today to get a free estimate on renovating or upgrading your business storefront at (773)-871-7170.

Storefront Glass Windows Installation & Repair IL
Storefront Glass Windows Installation Chicago

As a company with more than thirty-five years of experience in the glass industry, Lakeview Glass is a reliable option for quality craftsmanship and professional installation. We will make sure your storefront meets your highest expectations, whether you need a small repair done, or a complete makeover.

Storefronts can be one wide window beside your front door, or a window display that is half a city block in length. Occasionally a storefront may be shallow and showcase only what is put directly in front of it, and other times you may see an entire store layout from the outside. Some business even decide to have their opaque doors exchanged for ones made of glass, in order to visually enlarge the display. Many floor to ceiling glass walls are designed to open up during seasonable weather, drawing the interest of potential customers.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to storefront window design. The problem is too many people neglect their windows and consequently, this mutes the showcasing properties. Windows that are old might even cause heating and electricity bills to rise as a result of weak thermal insulation. When you install new windows, you improve the quality of your storefront glass, as well as your energy efficiency.

Storefront Windows

Storefront Glass Windows Repair Lakeview

When you run a business one of the first priorities you have is good advertising. It is critical to get the word out about your company and what services you offer, merchandise you have available, and the quality of your product.

One excellent way to ensure you do this is with quality storefront displays. Many shops and businesses have beautiful storefront windows to showcase their products, customer deals, special events, and more. It is a free advertising method that shop owners have been utilizing for years.

Unfortunately, as buildings age storefronts can become damaged or dingy. It is not enough to simply wipe the window glass clean on a daily basis if there is a crack, blemish, or clarity issue. Storefronts must be maintained with professional glass repairs, replacements, and even structural mending.

Some businesses may not even be fortunate enough to have a clear storefront display, or they may desire a wider or taller window view. No matter what your needs might be, Lakeview Glass is here to meet all of your storefront installation, restoration, and replacement needs.

Storefront Glass Windows Installation